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Statement Tracer for Oracle
STATEMENT TRACER for ORACLE is an effective and easy-to-use free solution for debugging programs interfacing with the Oracle RDBMS. Statement Tracer presents requests history log for any application that requires SQL*Net or Net8 to access Oracle server. The layout of this log is very convenient and easy to read. With this solution you don't have to ask your database administrator for help or to browse huge trace files every time when you want to know what a particular application does.
Just run the Statement Tracer and you will get all the information you need.
  • Is a very time-effective tool for application development and debugging.
  • Allows technical support engineer and database administrator to find a problem without help from developer.
  • Gives evaluation of your application performance in a real life in order to identify possible problem areas.
Statement Tracer for Oracle allows you to visualize:
requests to a server for compilation and execution, including:
  • SQL queries texts.
  • DDL statements.
  • Anonymous PL/SQL blocks and stored procedures execution requests.
  • Input (in) and output (out) parameters for all the request types.
  • Notifications on commit and rollback of transactions.
Statement Colorize Tool
Statement Assembler

With Statement Tracer you can:
  • Monitor several applications simultaneously.
  • Save the monitoring results into log as a text file for further processing.
  • Customize a layout of the log by choosing different events.
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