Above Software - Effective Tracing Solution: session
monitoring and tracing tool for ADO, Oracle and ODBC
Statement Tracer for ODBC
An effective and simple solution for monitoring SQL queries to ODBC data sources.
With this software, a developer will be able to:
  • Quickly detect the cause of an error in his program.
  • See the sections critical for the performance in the visual form.
  • Avoid the necessity to look through huge log files.
With this software, an administrator or support service will be able to:
  • Study the logic of software from a third-party developer (if its license permits it) without contacting the support service.
  • Gives evaluation of your application performance in a real life in order to identify possible problem areas.
Features and advantages:
  • Monitoring any number of applications
    (you can enable monitoring either for any separate application or for all processes on the system).
  • Tracing SQL queries and their parameters in real time
    (you will see SQL queries while they are being executed).
  • Measuring performance rates
    (the time of execution is given for each query).
  • Exporting the collected information
    (copying it into the clipboard or saving it to a text file with delimiters for future analysis).
  • Enabling and disabling monitoring at any moment
    (you can get only the query that you are interested in).
  • Minimal decrease in the performance of the application that is being debugged
    (our test examples show the decrease of not more than 17%, as compared to approx. 2200% if built-in ODBC features are used).
  • Tracing any application that uses ODBC
    (including those that are not supported by standard tracing methods).
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